Power Electronics and Control


Dr. Ir. Feri Yusivar, M.Eng.


Development of control apparatus to be used in the renewable energy applications.

Main Topics

  • Synthesis and Developing control algoritms and techniques for renewable energy application.
  • Designing and prototyping control apparatus and system for renewable energy application.
  • Integration the control apparatus with renewable energy application.

Research Projects

  • Pengembangan Prototipe Inverter Untuk Penerapan Pada Sistem Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Surya Yang Terkoneksi Dengan Jaringan Listrik PLN (PV-Grid Connected Inverter)
  • Perancangan Otonomus PLTA Mikro Level Permukaan Air Rendah
  • Perancangan Dan Purwarupa Sistem Penyimpanan Energi Onboard Pada Kendaraan Listrik


  • Modelling system and simulations are carried out firstly, and then are verified through the Hardware In-the Loop Simulations.
  • The verified control algorithm is then implemented in a microcontroller and tested into the real system.
  • System stability is analyzed with the overall system’s model.

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