Jun, 2015

Kick-Off Seminar Series April 2015

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Kick-Off Seminar Series was held for opening the Seminar Series Tropical Renewable Energy Center (TREC) FTUI with the theme “Pemanfaatan Potensi Sumber Daya Energi Lokal Bagi Pengembangan Masyarakat (Utilization of Local Energy Resources Potency for Community Development)”. Speakers for this seminar were Prof. Dr. Ir. Adi Surjosatyo, M.Eng. as Head of Biomass and Gasification Research TREC FTUI and Reni C. Suwarso, Ph.D. as Director of Center of Election and Political Party (CEPP) FISIP UI. Prof. Adi explained about his experiences in renewable energy development with direct contact to society in Plered, Purwakarta and Muara Gembong, Bekasi. Utilization of local energy resources is important to make sustainable development in Indonesia. Renewable energy is sustainable energy and be able to help our earth from environment damage. Mrs. Reni explained about social politics approachcing in renewable energy development for society. By arm experience with Prof. Adi, Mrs. Reni gave alternative solutions for remewable energy development in society.


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