Jun, 2014

Smart House System

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Smart house is a house that can generate its own electrical energy by utilizing renewable energy. This smart house system will be connected to the utility grid of PLN. So, if PV produces some excess energy, it will be supplied to utility grid (PLN), and if the energy that has been produced by smart house is insufficient, then utility grid (PLN) will cover the deficiency.

In this monitoring system, solar energy will be used as the primary resource for the house, and for certain circumstances, the house can also sell its electrical power to utility grid (PLN), or it can be just stored in batteries in order to prevent the electrical black-out. The process of purchasing and selling will be real-time monitored based on sell price and purchase price which will change dynamically (dynamic pricing) both in terms of consumers and producers. When the system is running, its process will be monitored and controlled in real time using SCADA, and at the same time the system will also run based on PLC logic. So the process of purchasing and selling can be determined based on the rising and the decreasing of prices each time, every day. In addition, this system can also be controlled through online monitoring system which allows user to monitor and control their smart house remotely. Reports of the processed data on SCADA can be viewed and printed according to user desires.

This SCADA will show its automation system to monitor and control the electrical power flow for this smart house system which can be accessed online via Internet Explorer Web Browser. By using this system, user can control their power consumption based on the rise and fall of electricity global price each time every day, so that user can produce their maximum profit from the use of its system. The most important thing in this system is the smart house will not get black-out in case utility grid (PLN) does not supply their electrical power. Consequently, in the future, most of house which use this smart house system will not be depend on PLN if it suddenly gets black-out.

SCADA Monitoring



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